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App Evpass

Launched in June 2016, evpass is the largest public network in Switzerland and currently includes 1524 charging points.

Each charging station offers several types of cable in order to facilitate its use.

Direct payment at charging stations can be made by different methods such as: evpass account, Swisspass, text message, iOS or Android app, contactless credit or debit card and Apple Pay (NFC). Thanks to its partnership agreements on the national level, evpass will provide more than 3,000 recharge points by the end of 2020.


Admin Center

Manage and control your charging stations network in real time.

The Green Motion management system allows charging station networks to be managed both from a technological and administrative/financial perspective. Its monitoring role means that it always knows the status of the network in terms of consumption, use and any malfunction.

In addition, it combines management by users as well as the definition of an individual pricing policy coupled with a commercial policy permitting automation of invoices. The system can interface easily with the company's existing management tools, for an optimal integration (package for controlled access, ERP,...)

Green Motion also offers a customisable website and mobile applications for electric vehicle users. These services mean that you can monitor the charging of your vehicle at any time, receive e-mail or SMS notifications when it is fully charged and easily locate a nearby station.

admin center
Admin Center