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Master One

Master One

The MASTER ONE is a centralised solution for identification, payment and the dynamic allocation of electrical power to vehicles. New charging stations can be progressively added to it, in line with growth.

The Master One can control all types of station communicating via RS 485, CAN, Ethernet and ZigBee.

Car parks can therefore be equipped with simple slow-charge stations as well as multi-standard Combo and CHAdeMO quick-charge stations depending on users' needs.

Plug types

Depending on type of charging stations, AC and DC, controllable by RS 485 and CAN

Means of authentication
Payment systems
Contactless (NFC)
Parking tickets
Remote Control

Remote verification in real time

We offer our users a complete range of tools for managing and using our charging stations remotely.

Our evpass mobile application is available for iOS and Android smartphones. It offers you innovative functions allowing you to:

- Start or stop a remote recharge
- Learn status of a charge in real time
- Recharge your account at any time


Technical specifications

Output power Depending on type of charging stations, AC and DC, controllable by RS 485 and CAN
Output type
2nd connector
Number of simultaneous charges
Input voltage 1 x 230 VAC 50 Hz
Input current 1 x 6 Arms
Fault current protection No
Conformity CE
Protection rating IP55
Consumption measurement Yes (via charging station)
Anti-vandalism No
Telecommunication Ethernet or 3/4G optional
User interface 7" screen
Mobile phone app iOS and Android
RFID reader In series
Control of access RFID, app, digicode
Payment systems RFID, app, text message, contactless (NFC), parking tickets
RFID norms ISO 14443 (Mifare), ISO 15693, Legic Advant, Legic Prime
Connection to evpass network Yes
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 350 x 588 x 112 mm
Operating temperature –25 °C to 40 °C
Setting Wall / pedestal
PDF documentation