Switzerland’s first public EV charging network and Europe’s leading EV charging hub operated by Green Motion.

evpass has developed and operates Switzerland’s primary network of public charging stations. Its mission is to create a network of evpass charging stations located in carefully chosen public locations on the roadside and in user homes, comprising easy-to-use charging stations with integrated cables, plugs and sockets that are suitable for all electric vehicles. evpass also supplies its users with certified local and renewable energy.

evpass was created in 2016 by Green Motion SA, Swiss pioneers in charging infrastructure for electric vehicle charging. In 2018, FMV SA (Forces Motrices Valaisannes) and the Aargau-based energy supplier AEW Energie AG became shareholders in evpass SA.

evpass map
evpass map graphic
Switzerland’s primary network, also available abroad with more than 62,000 charging points

Greatest market share, number 1 in Switzerland with a growing number of charging points as well as the largest user base.

evpass charging station with an electric car
First network of its kind with flat fee subscriptions

evpass offers multichannel payments, including: evpass account, Twint, SMS, iOS or Android apps, credit, contactless debit cards, Apple Pay (NFC) and more.

It’s also the first EV network that charges flat fees for unlimited charging. Services include:

  • Anytime: flat fee for unlimited charging at any time
  • Daytime: flat fee for unlimited charging during the day
  • Night time: flat fee for unlimited charging during the night
eMobility Cockpit
evpass is powered by eMobility Cockpit

Green Motion’s eMobility Cockpit SaaS forms the backbone of evpass, facilitating:

  • Charging station map: accurate location with pictures, accessibility status
  • Charging station details: power, plug types, billing methods etc.
  • Real-time network statuses, availability, downtime etc.
  • Station booking, consumption restrictions, end of charging notification etc.
  • Consumption statistics
  • National and international roaming, and more