RANGE XT80/160 à Battentin

8 electric vehicles (EV) are now able to charge simultaneously up to 160 kW on evpass EXPRESS network – operated by Green Motion –on 4 Eaton Green Motion RANGE XT160 ultra-fast DC superchargers, which deliver an unrivaled power at 400V.

This ultra-fast charging infrastructure is installed on one of the country's busiest highways in Bulle at the Coop petrol station, a comfortable place to stop and eat. 

Inauguration du nouveau point de recharge evpass EXPRESS à Battentin (Bulle)

Thanks to our partners Gruyère Energie SA (GESA), PLUG-IN B SA and Doutaz SA for this achievement. 

On the picture : 

  • Dominique Progin – Director Energy & Infrastructures, Gruyère Energie SA
  • Rose Doutaz – Board member, PRM Immobilier
  • Marc Doutaz – President, PLUG-IN B SA
  • Pascal Doutaz – President, PRM IMMOBILIER SA
  • Claude Thürler – CEO, Gruyère Energie SA 
  • François Randin – Fondateur et General Manager, Eaton Green Motion SA

RANGE XT80/160 par Eaton Green Motion