Upgradable AC charging station for any parking facility

  • The most popular Swiss public charging station. Modular, scalable, tailored to all types of private or public parking. Private One is the iconic charging station you’ll find everywhere in Switzerland, one of the most demanding markets in the world.
  • Tailored to your needs. Available in a range of different versions with all power outputs and plug types. Available with AC 3.7kW, 7.4kW, 11kW or 22kW charging output with type 1, type 2 or type 1 and type 2 plugs.
  • Scalable. Start with one. Add a second Private One later on, linking them to allow load balancing. Add more Private One chargers and scale up as required.
5 years warranty
22 kW
11 kW
3,7 kW
Plug types
Type 1
Type 2
View it in your space
PRIVATE ONE front view
PRIVATE ONE charging a white EV
PRIVATE ONE on stand
PRIVATE ONE screen closeup
PRIVATE ONE charging a white electric car
PRIVATE ONE front view
PRIVATE ONE charging a white EV
PRIVATE ONE on stand
PRIVATE ONE screen closeup
PRIVATE ONE charging a white electric car
PRIVATE ONE is particularly suited to
Public or private parking
Multi-residential units / multi-family homes
Company employee and visitor parking
Hotels, restaurants and other public venues
Gas stations
Fit any situation
Suitable for any situation

Indoor or outdoor, wall-mounted or stand-mounted, this unit will adapt to any kind of public or private parking.

Multichannel payment system
Multichannel payment system

SMS, iOS or Android apps, Scan & Charge and more.

Tailored to your needs
Tailored to your needs

Integrated type 1 and/or type 2 plugs; available with AC power from 3.7kW to 22kW.

Dynamic load balancing
Dynamic load balancing

Dynamic load balancing between two linked PRIVATE ONE stations (22kW models) or managed via a SMART ONE controller.

Remote control
Remote control

Get real-time access to charging status and consumption data from your smartphone.

Best charging experience
Best charging experience

With integrated cable and plugs. Easy to use: plug, charge & drive.

PRIVATE ONE mounted on a wall
So simple yet so efficient

The screen displays a range of statuses in a way that’s easy to understand, so all electric vehicle drivers can follow the information provided. With two plugs on each side, it’s ideal for any electric car or two-wheeler, indoors, outdoors or any other setting. No wonder the PRIVATE ONE has gained an iconic status on Switzerland’s roads.

evpass mobile application
Managed with a mobile application

Controlled via an iOS or Android application, it provides many features such as starting or stopping charging remotely, accessing charging statuses in real time and recharging users’ accounts at any time.

Underground parking with PRIVATE ONE charging stations
Durable, tried and tested over many years

PRIVATE ONE has been available at most Swiss private and public parking facilities for years. It’s made from resistant stainless steel and features integrated long coil cables that always look neat and tidy.

Technical specifications
Power Input
Input voltage
1 x 230 VAC 50 Hz
3 x 400 VAC 50 Hz
Input current
1 x 16 Arms (3.7 kW)
2 x 16 Arms (7.4kW)
3 x 16 Arms (11kW)
3 x 32 Arms (22 kW)
Standby consumption
< 15W
Power Output
Output power
3.7 kW to 22 kW
Output type
Type 1 cable (Mode 3)
Type 2 cable (Mode 3)
T23 outlet, Schuko outlet or any other domestic outlet
Simultaneous charging
Power management
Dynamic load balancing between two linked Private One stations (22kW models) or managed via Smart One controller
User interface & control
User interface
Charging status indicator
Mobile phone app
iOS and Android
Access control
RFID, app, SMS, Scan & Charge
Network interface
Ethernet cable; 4G/5G
Remote management
Software management system (eMOBILITY COCKPIT) (online version)
Operating temperature
–25°C to 45°C
Up to 2,000m (6,500 ft.)
Wall; base mounting; indoor or outdoor
< 95% relative humidity
480 x 340 x 130 mm
Housing material
Stainless steel
Cable length
5 meters (16.5 ft.)
IEC 61851-1
Protection rating
Communication protocol

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