Charge quickly without subscription

  • It has never been easier to trigger charging. Scan, pay & charges begin.
  • No subscription required. Any payment system can be integrated (credit card, sms, etc.)
  • INTERCHARGE compatible
  • Available on all Green Motion charging stations.
Scan & Charge
Tired of having to sign up for charging networks?

✓ No registration
✓ No subscription

white electric car charging
Charge quickly without subscription

Most chargers require users to subscribe to an electro-Mobility Service Provider (eMSP) to be able to charge their electric vehicle.

Green Motion simplifies EV owners' life by allowing to charge without subscription.

Scan & charge in 3 easy steps
3 easy steps to begin a charge

Each charging station carries a QR code that users can scan to trigger the charge of their vehicle, once their car is connected to the charging station.

  1. They scan the QR-Code
  2. They follow the payment instructions
  3. The charge begins
Scan & Charge payment methods
Works with multiple payment solutions

Scan & Charge is compatible with most payment solutions and can be customized upon request. It works for example with credit card, SMS and it is INTERCHARGE compatible.


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