Need to add electric vehicle chargers to your building project?
  • Want to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers in your new building while minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO)?
  • Want to power your chargers with solar energy?
  • Don’t necessarily want to manage tenants’ consumption and billing?
  • Looking for a future-proof turnkey EV solution that provides full flexibility and scalability?
Electric car charging
What you’ll get
  • Future-proof modular charging solution for indoors and outdoors.
  • One stop shop for your charging infrastructure and installation.
  • No administrative workload. Billing and tenant management made simple.
  • PV-friendly solution with built-in storage.
  • A residential EV charging pioneer since 2009, we master the whole value chain (software, hardware) to meet the needs of tomorrow.
Electric vehicle charging in an underground parking
Tried and tested, future-proof and modular indoor and outdoor charging solution
  • Load balancing for multiple simultaneous charging.
  • Scale up with additional chargers or more power as needed.
  • Not enough power? Get the power you need to install the charger equipment you want with Eaton’s xStorage Solution and link up your photovoltaic infrastructure.
  • No need to speak to lots of different stakeholders. With Green Motion, you can have one single point of contact for your charging infrastructure.
Eaton xStorage with PV installation
Use solar energy to power your EV chargers
  • No need to purchase more power capacity: thanks to the Eaton xStorage Solution, you can install the power capacity you need.
  • If your new building is equipped with solar technology, EV users can use more of your locally produced solar energy to power their electric cars at night using stored clean energy.
No administrative workload. Billing and tenant management made simple
  • You choose your own pricing policy.
  • Green Motion handles billing and tenant management.
  • You get a monthly consumption statement for your infrastructure.
Provide new services to your tenants
Charging stations equipped with integrated cables and plugs to adapt to their vehicles.
Charging station booking.
Superior tenant experience and ease of use.
The Green Motion Residential Solution
Green Motion's multi-residential solution
  • Professional package, including load balancing for 2 charging stations
  • No license fees.
  • Possible as an add-on for existing infrastructure not supplied by Green Motion.
How it works
Your charging infrastructure is installed.
You define your billing policy.
Tenants access your chargers with their access card or dongle.
You get 90% of the revenue from your charging stations and we take a 10% handling fee.

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